• 15.11.2010

Organized by the American Chamber of Commerce in Moldova the CSR training program held on the 15th of November 2010 and conducted by Maryna Saprykina (CEO, Centre for CSR Development, Ukraine) has proven that in order to develop a healthy and socially responsible business, involvement and improvement is required. Improvement in ways of doing business and setting corporate values, involvement in the society as a whole.

The training presented the background, importance and requirements of implementing ISO 26000 in the economic environment of each organization and the benefits it brings to the latter. Conducted in a pleasant atmosphere Ms Saprykina made sure everyone is involved in the training. Matters concerning each representative were carefully analyzed and discussed so that all questions were answered along the way.

After a short coffee break the training really started to heat up, as each participant was given a case study. The case was necessary in order to comprehend a very important aspect of the training - Stakeholders. Each team had to come up with their own opinions on the term and argument the importance of it for the companies. From that point and on Ms Maryna described the steps for improving CSR, the core subjects and issues of SR (social responsibilities) and how it can be mainstreamed on all levels of an organization.

The training finished on a positive note, and feedbacks form all participants were taken into account, each one of them leaving with new ideas, impressions and ways to contribute to their own companies and organizations.


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