• 30.11.2017

We are living in a time when globalization, increased connectivity, technological progress, digitalization, innovation are changing the rules of the game for the development and management of enterprises and organizations at a very fast pace. Awareness and adaptability are some of the key elements needed for advancing the development plans and achieving best results by your enterprise. Value is created through your people. Efficient management of your human resources is of paramount importance.

AmCham Moldova organized the Human Resources Management Conference "Managing Organizations & People in a Changing World" on November 30. The participants explored the global trends impacting people management, the influence of digital transformation over the workforce and how to make use of it, ideas for managing and inspiring diverse generations in the workplace, the core attributes needed for building a Next Generation Organization, developing culture change programs that deliver increased bottom-line results, they thought also about transformation of the HR function, and much more.

The event was focused on establishing a greater understanding of the major trends affecting people at work. Today's workplace is more dynamic than ever, so it is important to stay tuned and take human resources management to the next level in order to achieve the most efficient results.

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