• 13.04.2010

AmCham HR Committee held its ordinary meeting on Tuesday, April 13, at 16:00, at AmCham office.

HR Committee analyzed employee motivation by contributions to optional non-state pension funds. During the meeting, committee members expressed their opinions in regards to contributions to non-state pension funds and their vision why optional saving plans are currently not operating in Moldova.The team came up to the conclusion that companies are interested in this measure to motivate their employees, however their interest should be matched with proper offer, while the conditions of contributing should become less costly and more practicable.

Note: non-state pension fund is a non-commercial organization, dealing with collection and investment of contributions voluntarily made by individuals or legal entities on their behalf, providing additional incomes at the retirement of employees.

Afterwards, HR Committee continued with the topic ”Benefits & Compensations”

AmCham takes this opportunity to thank Prime Capital and Moldova-Agroindbank for making their presentations.

Thanks to all HR Committee members for their active participation.

If you would like to be part of the committee, please contact Elena Buzu, Project Manager, at 211 781 or elenabuzu@amcham.md

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