• 06.05.2010

AmCham has organized a Workshop with the participation of the Vice-Minister of Environment of RM, Mr. Corneliu Marza, and his team, on Thursday, May 06, at Jolly Alon Hotel.

For a longer period of time, the Ministry of Environment is drafting legal and normative acts related to the environment protection, waste disposal and other environment issues. This effort is aimed at aligning Moldovan legislation to the directives of European Union.

Most of those legal and normative acts will have an impact on the activity of business entities in Moldova. For instance, last year, several AmCham members have joined into a Working Group to review the Draft Law regarding waste disposal. It was clearly stated that, after its implementation, all production entities, entities generating wastes or impacting the environment will have to align its activity in compliance with regulations of new policies and laws.

AmCham together with AmCham members have taken a pro-active attitude in this respect. As a result of the workshop organized, AmCham succeeded to establish a continuous and constructive dialogue with responsible state authorities and made sure all environment legislation with an impact on business activity is discussed and consulted with private sector prior to its approval and implementation.

For this event, the Vice- Minister of Environment and several executives of the Ministry had presented information and updates on current environmental policies and, mainly, on draft Environment Law and draft Law on Waste Disposal and Packages Waste Disposal.

Also, for this event, Mr. Doru Cristiu, the representative of the Romanian Association for Packages and Environment was also invited. Thus, he shared with the workshop participants the Romanian experience – successes and failures - in transposition of EU Environment Policies into national law.

For more information, please find below the presentations of our guests accompanied with pictures.We thank all the participants for their interest.

Implementarea Directivei privind ambalajele si deseurile de ambalaje in Romania.ppt

Proiectul legii privind gestionarea deseurilor.ppt

Proiectul legii privind protectia mediului.ppt