• 10.12.2014

AmCham in conjunction with USAID BRITE Project held a meeting with business representatives from different industries to discuss the challenges and peculiarities in dealing with import/export procedures related to NFSA activity.

As a result, a series of aspects where highlighted:

* Participants confirmed the necessity of reformation of the National Food Safety Agency;
* It was concluded the irrelevance of a series of phytosanitary and veterinary-sanitary permissive documents;
* AmCham members confirmed the phenomenon of the overlapping of the activities of the National Food Safety Agency and the National Public Health Center;
* It was stated the necessity of the introduction of an informational system where Economic Agents, NFSA and Customs will collaborate to optimize the import/export procedures.

If you have any questions regarding this meeting, please contact Adrian Gheorghita, Project Manager, at 211 – 781, or adriangheorghita@amcham.md.