• 28.11.2014

Ad Astra invites you to their second annual Career For Me
Company and Student Party
! This event is designed to bring progressive,
forward-looking companies together with proactive young professionals
from around Moldova. Our objective is to help participants connect and
grow together.

This is not your typical career fair where social and physical barriers
create a divide between employers and potential employees. During the
workshop companies and students will have the tools and the
environment to learn and share.

The agenda is designed to facilitate fruitful and lasting collaboration by
engaging participants in informal, interactive, and instructive activities! The
focus of the evening is career orientation, professional development,
recruitment, and networking.

The Career For Me Company and Student Party will take place at
ARTICO on November 28 from 15:30 - 21:30.

Please see the invitation letter attached and the registration link here.