• 17.02.2010

CHISINAU, FEBRUARY 16, 2010. In the framework of its policy of contributing to the improvement of Moldova’ business and social environment, AmCham Moldova launched the first edition of the “Products of Moldova” Catalogue.The goal of this project is to increase exports of Moldovan products by targeting the diasporas of Eastern Europeans living in the United States, Canada and Western Europe who are already aware of the quality of Moldovan products. To give an idea of the potential of this market, the diaspora of CIS and Eastern Europeans living in the U.S. is nearly 20 million. Canada and Western Europe also offer significant target populations who might be interested in purchasing Moldovan products.Supported by CEED project financed by USAID and the EU-funded SEPIA project, AmCham Moldova has developed a catalogue of products produced in Moldova for export including product descriptions, pricing and companies’ information. For the first edition, 31 Moldovan companies were selected to be promoted abroad. These are specialized in the fields of economy specific to Moldova, such as: agricultural foods, wine products, soft drinks, cosmetics, textile industry, producers of carpets and toys. The companies, included in the first edition of the catalogue, were selected taking into account such criteria as: company’s positive reputation, export orientation, quality certificates possession according to the legislation in force.The Catalogue will be distributed to almost 2000 ethnic grocery stores and shops that serve the diasporas living in the United States, Canada and Western Europe. The information will be updated each year.The catalogue is also available in an on-line version www.productsofmoldova.md. The site’s visitors have the possibility to resort to a large variety of simple instruments easy to use, having more browsing options: company’s name, field of activity, categories of offered products, trade marks and the list of products. The on-line version of the catalogue allows the potential clients to obtain updated information about the products and services of the Moldovan companies. AmCham would like to thank all those that attended the Event. We will be looking forward to meeting you soon at the AmCham upcoming events.Special thanks to "Dionysos-Mereni", "Chateau-Vartely", "Acorex Wine Holding", "Purcari", "Cricova", "DK-Intertrade", "Lion-Gri" for their tasty wine, and "Natur Bravo" for its delicious juice.