• 19.09.2013


There\'s been a murder! And it\'s up to you to solve it...

Join HOSPICE Angelus for Moldova\'s first ever Murder Mystery Night at Bastion Restaurant on Thursday September 19th at 7pm and become intrepid investigators.

Put on your deerstalker, light up your pipe and answer the question - HOW DO YOU SOLVE A PROBLEM LIKE MARIA?

If you recognise this last phrase, you may have guessed that the evening may have a Sound of Music theme - and you\'d be right!

Yes, Maria has been murdered and we need you to help us figure out who killed her and why. For those of you who have not been to a Murder Mystery before, you will be presented with 8 suspects who will act out different scenarios in order to give you some clues as to their relationship with the deceased and whether they might or not be the killer.

Tickets are 400 lei and this includes a 3 course meal provided by Bastion Restaurant and wine by Chateau Vartely. There will also be prizes awarded to the teams who figure out the murderer...

For more information or tickets please contact the HOSPICE Events team on 022 244850 or email events@hospice.md.