• 26.03.2013

E-Governance Centre, in partnership with AmCham Moldova and several other business associations, invites the representatives of business community to attend, on March 26th, a Workshop entitled "Mobile Signature and its impact on doing business in Moldova".

E-Governance Centre has developed a series of services with application of Mobile Signature, aimed to increase efficiency and reduce the cost of doing business.

Using Mobile Signature, businesses will be able to sign electronic documents & statements, as well as process applications online. The Workshop aims to highlight legal and technical requirements that relate to mobile signature acceptance and interoperability.

Currently, businesses can submit various documents and forms under E-CNAM & E-CNAS services, E-License and Electronic Fiscal Declaration for individuals, using a Mobile Signature.

Soon, E-Governance Centre will launch a number of new electronic services which can be accessed and used with Mobile Signatures, including E-Cadaster and Electronic Fiscal Invoices.

More information on the workshop will be available soon, including information about the panelist participants, time & venue.

If you intend to attend this workshop, please RSVP till March 21st to milamalairau@amcham.md.