• 08.12.2008

Chisinau, December 8, 2008. AmCham Moldova organized a Round Table designed to present the Research on Labor Market in Moldova (attached).The event pointed out that the labour market of the Republic of Moldova, just like any socio-economic phenomenon, is very complex and is determined by several factors, including the overall economic development. The structuring of the labour market in the Republic of Moldova is one of the acute problems faced by the country due to the need to create and ensure the functioning of an organizational and institutional framework and effective mechanisms for the employment and maintenance of employees as well as an appropriate behaviour during the period of transition from planned to market economy.The study was conducted based on a national representative survey covering all regions of the country, with the exception of the territory on the left side of Nistru River. The study focused on three important issues such as job vacancies (volume, specialization required, recruitment practices, and requirements), difficulties in vacancy filling and measures that should be taken in order to address labour shortage and fluctuation.“Through this study, AmCham sought to assess the situation of labour market in the Republic of Moldova, to identify the current issues existing on the labour market and to elaborate proposals in order to solve the issue of labour shortage in Moldova. Meantime, we aim to create AmCham Human Resources Committee that would consolidate the joint efforts to get and keep the labor force inside the country, which is one of the most serious economic constraints for the economic development in Moldova”, mentioned Mila Dodon, the Chief Executive Director of AmCham.The target group of this study were various Moldovan companies, such as industry, constructions, transport, commerce, food industry, tourism, financial institutions, insurance, telecommunications, IT, energy, agriculture/forestry/fishery, business, editing, polygraph, mass-media, medicine, technical, service, divertissement, other services.The honourable guest was Sergiu Sainciuc, the Deputy Minister of Economy and Trade. Representatives of the International Organizations, NGO-s, and businesses from Moldova, as well as mass-media attended the Round Table. Docs attached En Ro