• 12.09.2012

Almost all AmCham members representing financial non-banking sector were present at this meeting. The Committee members met atAmCham premises to discuss, among others, the following aspects:
- Summary of Committee activities until mid-2012, and its objectives until the end of 2012
- Impact of Committee involvement in review and amending of draft legislation on the activities of each member company. Several success stories that were achieved further to Committee implication in 2012
- Status of draft laws endorsed by the Committee, but for various reasons not yet approved by Parliament / Government
- Areas of concern for Committee members, as well as tendencies of the financial market, recent statistical data, trends etc.
- Other aspects

Further on, AmCham Financial Services Committee is planning to follow-up its recommendations at different levels of decision making process (National Commission for Financial Market, Parliamentary Commission on economy, budget and finance etc.), in order to be sure that its recommendations are received and are taken into consideration.

Should you have any questions related to this meeting or any other activity of the Financial Services Committee, please don\'t hesitate to contact Serghei Toncu, Committee Coordinator, at 211-781 or sergheitoncu@amcham.md