• 24.09.2012

On September 24th, American Chamber of Commerce in Moldova held its second learning session of Young Professionals Program. The goal is to prepare participants to begin their own transformation and to facilitate the transformation within their organizations based on the management theory.

The second session had one topic on the agenda:

”Managing with Profound Knowledge”

Participants learned how to make quality part of their daily work. The lessons learned include:

1. How to create a plan for the future using system thinking;
2. How to control the enterprise without tampering;
3. How to develop a continual improvement culture;
4. How to add leadership to the management function;
5. How to make time for quality.

The young generation had also the opportunity to share opinions & impressions during coffee breaks.

Should you need more information about the program or would like to become a Program Sponsor, please contact, Elena Buzu, Program Coordinator at 211 781 or elenabuzu@amcham.md.