• 02.07.2012

Healthcare Committee Members met on July 2nd at the new AmCham office to discuss the Committee Action Plan for 2012-2013.

In this context, several most important issues were identified, as follows:
1. The procedure of authorization and reauthorization of medicines ;
2. Medicine price registration;
3. The public procurement of medicines process;
4. Pharmacovigilance and ethics in medicine promotion ;
5. Identification and collaboration with the strategic partners of the Committee.

For every identified issue, a range of objectives, actions and instruments where set up. Also, Committee members have decided to elaborate an official letter that would summarize all the issues above and that would be addressed to all interested stakeholders on behalf of AmCham.

Should you be interested in any information related to Healthcare Committee activity or would like to be part of the Committee, please contact Ana Raileanu, Healthcare Committee Coordinator at 211 781 or anaraileanu@amcham.md.