• 05.06.2012

Chisinau, June 5, 2012. The new Board of Directors has held a press conference on the presentation of the Declaration of Priorities for improving business climate in the Republic of Moldova identified by AmCham member companies. The set of priorities includes combating corruption to create a level playing field for all participants; developing the workforce to enable sustainable economic growth and to create jobs; improving the ease of doing business to stimulate trade and investment and improving dialogue with the private sector to align public and private priorities for continuous development.

"AmCham Moldova confirms, through the Priorities stated by the new Board of Directors, its commitment to support authorities’ efforts to improve business environment in the country by providing the perspective of business community on priority directions in this regard. We are confident that the joint efforts of the business community, civil society, international institutions present in the Republic of Moldova, and the state authorities - within a permanent consultative framework - will result in some important benefits for Moldova", Cristina Harea, President of AmCham Moldova, stated.

Thus, as for combating corruption, AmCham Moldova pleads for reforming the judiciary system, ensuring equal application of the law to all economic agents and creating conditions for discouraging corruption, including compensating and motivating the public servants, as well as applying stronger penalties for violations.

AmCham considers it important to develop the workforce by reforming the education system to align it to the needs of the real economy, improving the working and living environment, simplifying immigration rules to more easily permit qualified foreign professionals and their families to live and work in Moldova, as well as reforming the Labor Code and related regulations to create conditions that maximize labor productivity.

As for the ease of doing business and reducing the administrative burden to stimulate trade and investments, AmCham pleads for eliminating the barriers to doing business, reducing the tariff and non-tariff barriers to trade, improving the infrastructure, as well as improving predictability of the legal framework by establishing medium- and long-term tax policies, ensuring that primary norms are only at the level of law, prohibiting the proliferation of rules introduced within normative documents, and making pre- and post-analysis of the impact regulation for all proposals to amend the legal framework.

AmCham suggests maintaining among state’s priority issues the improvement of the dialogue with the private sector to align the public and private priorities for continuous development. This implies improving transparency of the decision-making process, enhancing the consultation process with the private sector and civil society, especially when adopting normative and legislative acts. AmCham calls on the authorities, civil society, international organizations, present in Moldova, and business associations to join efforts in fostering a more favorable business climate in the Republic of Moldova that will ensure the economic and social development of the Republic of Moldova and will generally increase the investment attractiveness of the R. of Moldova.

Declaration of Priorities

Declaraţie de Priorităţi