• 02.05.2012

The Healthcare Committee Members met on May 2nd at GlaxonSmithKline premises to discuss the following issues:

- Collecting and analyzing the Members’ proposals on the Draft Regulation regarding medicine authorization, projected by Medicine Agency. The dead-line for drafting the position letter was set for May 7.
- Conducting a follow-up on the status of the draft law with reference to the prohibition of advertising for medicines. The draft law was discussed upon by all the parliamentary Committees. Most of them proposed it for debate in the Parliament. The Committee on Media ( responsible of the present draft law) will analyze it only after they have the Government position also (the only one that is missing at the moment). The members of the Healthcare Committee agreed upon sending a position letter, in an urgent manner, to the Head of the State Chancellery, Mr. Victor Bodiu, the head of the Parliamentary Committee for Media, Mr. Kiril Lucinschi and the head of the Medicine Agency, Alexandru Coman.
- Drafting a letter reflecting the Committee members’ position on the two year reform in the pharmaceutical area, stated by the Government, by summarizing the problems faced by innovative pharmaceutical companies and offering suggestions of solutions.
- Develop a position letter on the EU-RM negotiations regarding the DCFTA. The letter will be addressed later in the meeting with chief negotiator for DCFTA, Vice-Minister, Octavian Calmic.
- Establishment of sustainable and constructive relationships with international donors, international organizations in the field, such as WHO, UNICEF and others.