• 14.02.2012

Dear members,


Please be informed that Tax & Legal Committee members met IMF technical assistance mission on February 14. This mission is going to analyze tax administration reform efforts and is going to focus mainly on compliance management (e.g. compliance strategies and implementation plans, taxpayer services, filing enforcement).


Throughout the meeting, Committee members raised questions regarding elaboration of new tax norms, improvement of the existing norms, as well as the most stringent tax administration issues. Also, AmCham raised questions about availability of tax administration assessment reports prepared by IMF technical assistance missions. Currently these papers are not publicly available.


Overall, AmCham was represented by over 20 taxpayer representatives (financial directors, accountants, lawyers etc). Finally, AmCham expressed its willingness to organize meetings of this kind more often and thanked IMF technical assistance mission for openness.

Should you have any questions related to this meeting or Tax & Legal Committee activity as such, please don’t hesitate to contact Serghei Toncu, Tax & Legal Committee Coordinator at 211 781 or sergheitoncu@amcham.md