• 25.10.2010

On October 25, on behalf of Tax & Legal Committee, AmCham staff had a meeting with Mrs. Ana Vitiuc, Deputy Chief of Main Tax Authority (MTA) of Moldova.The discussion was focused on granting of free subscriptions for the use of electronic tax declaration. Previously it was agreed that MTA will provide to AmCham members for free 10 annual subscriptions, as a form of motivation and marketing campaign to use electronic tax services. The meeting confirmed our previous agreement, but we also determined next steps to go through. Thus, subscriptions handing will most likely take place next week and will be officially presented to large public. Further on, MTA and particular taxpayer will sign an agreement confirming readiness of the latter to use electronic declaration and other electronic services. Additionally, MTA plans to introduce in the Tax Code specific provisions that will oblige all large taxpayers and VAT payers in Chisinau, Balti and Comrat to use quick tax declaration and / or electronic tax declaration. Compared to electronic declaration (the use of which costs MDL 1,800 per year), quick declaration is free of charge, the fact that will not lead to increase of costs for businesses. Rather, this measure will improve processing speed of tax declaration and tax administration as such. Furthermore, the following topics were also considered:- Informing AmCham about the launch of new services by MTA- Participation of MTA management in a certain T&L Committee meetingThis will offer the opportunity to discuss how to improve tax legislation and address other issues critical for AmCham members’ business activity.- Interpretation of tax legislation and how the companies may clarify certain tax ambiguitiesFrom September 2010 all requests from companies addressed to any territorial tax inspectorate will be redirected to the MTA. By this rule only MTA is a competent authority to respond to any taxpayer inquiries. As a result this procedure is intended to improve the quality of responses and identify areas of concern for taxpayers- Binding Tax Rulings. Ana Vitiuc proposed AmCham to make a presentation of our project and the study itself, both for representatives of the Ministry of Finance and for those of MTAIf you would like to be part of the Committee or have any questions concerning its activity, please contact Serghei Toncu, Project Manager, at 211 781 or sergheitoncu@amcham.md