AmCham Moldova`s Investment in the Future of Moldova: Social Project ``Every Child Matters``

  • 11.11.2009

CHISINAU, NOVEMBER 11, 2009. A post-natal room at the “Centrul Mamei si Copilului” maternity was totally renovated within the social project “Every Child Matters” initiated and developed by AmCham Moldova. The post-natal room at the “Centrul Mamei si Copilului” maternity was renovated completely, including the installation of the new sanitary block including a shower cabin. The total value of the works amounts up to 70000-00 MDL. All these actions were fulfilled due to the generous financial support of AmCham members: BRITISH AMERICAN TOBACCO, EURASIA FOUNDATION, INFOHUB, MOLDCELL, MOLDOVA AGROINDBANK, RED UNION FENOSA, SUN COMMUNICATIONS. A contribution to this project had the Charity Lottery, organized on the occasion of the USA Independence Day celebration during current year, when after the lotto tickets’ selling an amount of 9700 MDL was gathered. “The idea of the project has its roots in the intention to contribute to the improvement of conditions of the “Centrul Mamei si Copilului” maternity in order to make the stay of mothers in their post natal periods within the institution more comfortable. Through the renovation of the post-natal room, we have actually offered more security and comfort for mothers and have minimized health risks for the new born babies. The project “Every Child Matters” stresses the importance that represents to us the process of implementing the concept of a socially responsible business, sustainable and efficient partnerships, as well as the development of the common projects whose goal is to change the life of the community for the better”, said Rodica Verbeniuc, representative of the CSR Committee. The Social project “Every Child Matters” was launched on the 4th of July, 2009, its concept belongs to the AmCham Corporate Social Responsibility Committee. Striving for improving the quality of life and poverty reduction, AmCham CSR Committee believes that one of the main destinations to focus its philanthropic efforts should be the life cradle. The aim of the “Every Child Matters” project is to renovate, at its first stage the post-natal rooms of the maternities from Chisinau. The first location to start with was at the „Centrul Mamei si Copilului” maternity, where mothers from all over the country are served around the year.

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