AmCham Board members met Dorin Recean, the candidate designated for the position of Prime Minister

  • 13.02.2023

During the meeting, Mr. Recean emphasized that investment attraction and economic growth will be an overarching priority in his Government's activity program.

AmCham emphasized the importance, under current circumstances, of private sector resilience, business operations efficiency, and worldwide Moldovan products competitiveness.

AmCham expressed its readiness to cooperate and support the future Government's efforts to boost economic growth, by, among others, developing stimulating and inclusive policies, securing institutional independence, transparency, and regulatory predictability, and delivering good-quality and adequate public services.

AmCham committed to sharing with the Cabinet its Business CORe -the compendium of major priorities for reform in business that, if addressed, will boost the Moldovan investment climate ranking and will therefore impulse the attraction and retention of foreign direct investments in the country, as well as prompt the development of local businesses.

AmCham Business CORe can be accessed here

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