Financial Services Committee Updates

  • 07.06.2017

The Financial Services Committee members were kept particularly busy in the past weeks.

The proposed Civil Code amendments have already resulted in two committee meetings (May 16; June 6). One more meeting is coming on the pipeline, it will be held on June 16, having as the main topic for discussions the abrogation of a series of legislative acts such as the Law on leasing, Law on abusive clauses in contracts signed with consumers, amendments to the insurance chapter, etc.

Last week, the Committee members had a reunion with the National Center for Personal Data Protection, within which the members have been informed that the Draft Instruction on Processing Personal Data within Financial Sector will not be enacted.

Also, the Committee will meet with the Consumers Protection Agency to discuss the samples of abusive clauses included in credit or/and loan agreements. The meeting is planned for June 22.

Another hot topic on the Committees agenda is the draft concept of ”Prima casă”.

It is to be remarked that AmCham continues to tackle some older initiatives such as setting of conditions for operational leasing, as well as for leaseback on immovable property activities.

If you are interested in Financial Services Committee activities, please contact Adrian Gheorghita at 211 781 or


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