Prime Minister's Economic Council Activity Updates

  • 23.09.2016

- The Working Group on "Stimulation and Retention of Private Investments" within the Economic Council held its second meeting this week.

AmCham got actively involved in the discussions on 2 important issues:

- Necessity of improvement and facilitation of the procedures for applying for work and residence permits. Long discussions had been held around the current deficiences of this procedure among the present stakeholders: business associations, Migration Bureau, and Agency for Labor Occupancy. Finally, it had been decided that current procedure can be improved and a working group will get together to elaborate a set of proposals in this respect.

- Mila Malairau, on behalf of AmCham members, has presented to the members of Economic Council the peculiarities of the concept of "personnel leasing", as well as the grounds for its implementation in Moldovan legislation. Following this presentation, AmCham will further study the opportunity of personnel leasing implementation and will estimate its added-value for the business community.

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