Recommendations on Fiscal Exemptions for Medicinal Raw Materials

  • 02.09.2016

This week AmCham has issued its recommendations on the draft governmental decision for the approval of lists containing medicinal raw materials subject to exemptions from VAT and customs duties.

In order to restore the balance between budgetary interests, on one hand, and benefits for pharma market, on the other, it has been suggested that the facilitative measures shall only be applied with regard to imports of those raw materials that are used to manufacture medical products enshrined in the state approved List of essential medicines.

This approach will reduce the potential for abusive tax planning, while ensuring that the exemptions target only those products that are important for the consumer and for the national healthcare system as a whole, having proven clinical efficiency and safety track records.

If you have any questions please contact Elena Popic, Policy Officer at 211 - 781 or

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