• 22.09.2011

During the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) week AmCham Moldova and U.S. Embassy to Moldova organized a series of events dedicated to business community and civil society organizations, with focus on the most efficient practices and tools for the CSR projects development.

Business community and civil society organizations were informed about the tools and recommendations on how to create deeper partnerships between both parties, by contributing skills, resources and expertise, within the round table “How can Business – NGO partnerships add value to Corporate Social Responsibility”. The speakers at the round table were Maryna Saprykina, Head of the Center of CSR Development, Ukraine, who delivered a speech on “How much does Business – NGO partnership cost” and Jane Madden, Executive Vice President, Director, CSR & Sustainability, Chicago, with the speech on "How to build and sustain partnerships that deliver win – win results."

The CRS Week was concluded with an workshop, at the American Resource Center, within which business community, civil society organizations representatives and CSR experts discussed on “US best practices: tools and recommendations”.

CSR Week was organized by AmCham Moldova and U.S. Embassy to Moldova on September 19 – 23 week, with participation of business community, civil society organizations representatives. It was aimed at promoting the importance of using social responsible practices among the business community, but also a more active involvement of civil society to successfully implement the best practices of CSR in the Republic of Moldova.

Therefore, the CSR Committee within AmCham Moldova launched the first course of English language for visually impaired youth. The course consists of 100 hours of English, offered for free to ten young visually impaired people. Thanks to financial support of MoldcellRed Union Fenosaand Moldova Agroindbank, the dream of ten young people to learn English, come true.

AmCham Moldova would like to express its gratitude to East Europe Foundation and Red Union Fenosa whose contributions have helped to make this event succesful.