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Berlin-Chemie / Menarini

Berlin-Chemie / Menarini
Address: 85 Alexandru cel Bun Street
City: Chsinau, MD-2005
Tel: +373 22 212 558
Fax: +373 22 244 284

Berlin-Chemie is a German Pharmaceutical Company founded in 1885 that produces, sells the medicines on the more than 100 European, Asian Markets.
From 1992 is a part of Menarini Group. In 1999 was officially opened the Representative Office in Chisinau and from then, the Company is growing well becoming the nr. 1 on the Moldavian Pharmaceutical Market.
More than 100 medicines have been registered in the Country. Every year the company launches 2-3 new medicines manifesting by this a high interest for our Market.
In the same time more investments have been done on people, employing 54 persons.
The main area of investments are Endocrinology, Gastrology, Cardiology, Pain, Infusions.

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