NewsMaker: All About the Nut Trade

Find out more about AmCham's position regarding the latest news on the market for nuts and their export; as well as a detailed report by the editor on what business should expect from the current worldwide economic situation. Read more...


Business Class: AmCham News, November

In this edition, read what is the purpose of the new regulation on ethical drug promotion to healthcare professionals and consumers, along with the latest changes to the regulation on non-bank financial institutions. Read more...


Business Class: AmCham News, September

Read in today`s edition of Business Class about the new legislation for non-bank financial institutions in the field of prevention and combating money laundering and terrorism financing, completed with an AmCham success story on a simplified regime for Day Workers in Agriculture. Read more...


Business Class: AmCham News, August

Read more in the last edition of Business Class about employment subsidies, the subsidies granted by the government to employers that create new workplaces in their companies, and the recent changes to the civil code. Read more...


Juridice.md: Crowdfunding – Regulation of Participatory Financing

Victor Baciu, AmCham Policy Officer, provided an analysis on the topic of crowdfunding; answering to a series of questions regarding the concept, readiness and applicability of crowdfunding in the Republic of Moldova. Read the article in Romanian ...


Logos Press: Customs Valuation of Goods

In the latest article, Adrian Gheorghita tells more about the decision of the Constitutional Court regarding some provisions from the GD on customs valuation of goods, and further actions of the Customs Service in this regard.  Read the interview (in Russian)...


Business Class: AmCham News, May

The May Edition includes AmCham efforts within the Economic Council to the Prime Minister and also shares updates on the Law on the Promotion of Renewable Energy Sources. Find out more about AmCham activity and engagement in the latest edition of Business Class....


Logos Press: Environmental Taxes

In an interview with Logos Press, Adrian Gheorghita provided general insight on recently modified taxes and how they will impact the business community. In recent years, AmCham has been actively involved in drafting recommendations to improve environmental legislation. Read the interiew (in...


Logos Press: The Regulation on Customs Valuations

In an interview with Logos Press, Adrian Gheorghita provided with general insights on deficiencies of application of the current Regulation on customs valuations. In the past years, AmCham was actively involved in drafting recommendations to improve the legislation on customs valuation. Read the...


NewsMaker: The Waste Issue

In the upcoming interview with Adrian Gheorghita, Deputy Director of AmCham Moldova points on the advantages of implementation of extended producer responsibility both for the society and for the business sector. Read the Interview...


Logos Press: ”Applauds” and Questions for the Ministry of Finance

In today`s edition of Logos Press, find the article with Sergiu Chirică, Project Manager for Regulatory Affairs on the upcoming changes and expectations of the business community on Fiscal Policy for 2018. Read the Article...


Canal 2 "Tema zilei cu Mila Malairau"

AmCham Executive Director, Mila Malairau, participated in the evening talk-show, engaging in a vivid discussion on the legislative initiative that will allow entrepreneurs to issue meal tickets for their employees. View the Talk-Show...