AmCham’s Proposals on Food Sale in PECO Stations Were Accepted

  • 21.09.2018

The Ministry of Economy and Infrastructure has put forward for public consultations a draft regulation eliminating the current prohibition on the sale of unpackaged food products in the shops located on the premises of PECO stations. This week, the Working group of the State Commission for Regulation of Entrepreneurial Activity has approved the impact assessment for this regulation. Earlier in the process, AmCham and fellow associations have sent a position paper to authorities suggesting relevant amendments. The initiative was further discussed and promoted on the platform of the Economic Council under Prime-minister.

The new regulation will open the door for the legal and sanitary-compliant sale of unpackaged food products and functioning of cafes on the premises of PECO stations. The sale of food products in gas stations is a common international practice and a growing trend in non-oil sales segment, catering to the needs of consumers and allowing businesses to diversify their services.


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