Trade & Manufacturing Committee Update

  • 15.06.2018

Stay tuned with the Trade & Manufacturing Committee to keep informed on legislative amendments as well as on the issues your peers are facing.

AmCham’s comments on the bill on the amendment of GD 647/2014 (simplified clearance procedures) have been fully accepted. The requirement to set up a financial guarantee for the purpose of obtaining clearance at home was withdrawn from the bill.

Legal methods for determining the year of manufacture of vehicles when being Imported into the Republic of Moldova is a current issue that automobile dealers are faced with. The topic was redirected to the Ministry of Economy and Infrastructure in order to elucidate the uncertainties in the practice of determining the year of manufacture of new vehicles in the case that they cross over the customs border of the Republic of Moldova.

AmCham has recently been involved in commenting on the bill on the production and labelling of organic products. Although a number of recommendations have already been accepted by the authorities, the upcoming TAIEX mission on June 21 will be aimed at discussing the possibility for European certification companies to certify on the territory of the Republic of Moldova.

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