Trade & Manufacturing Committee Updates

  • 02.03.2018

Environmental legislation continues to be a hot topic within the Committee. On February 28, the Government approved the Regulation on waste electrical and electronic equipment. The Regulation imposes the (financial) responsibility for the disposal of electrical and electronic equipment waste on the manufacturers or importers of such equipment.

On Tuesday the Committee met to discuss the draft regulation on packaging and packaging waste. Currently the draft letter has been sent to members for review and approval.

Cross border trade also represents a topic of importance for members. Currently AmCham is engaged in the public consultation process for the new Customs Code, as well as the new authorization procedure for operating simplified customs procedures.

In the meantime AmCham is expecting to receive an official answer from the Ministry of Finance regarding the AmCham letter on the peculiarities of application in the latest amendments on ”packaging fees” (Law 1540/1998); the office is preparing another letter to address a series of issues regarding the functionality of the deferred payment of customs duties.

If you would like to find out more about the committee’s activities, please contact Adrian Gheorghita.


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