Prime Minister's Economic Council Activity Updates

  • 10.11.2017

This week, as a member of the Prime minister's Economic Council, AmCham was engaged in the following subjects:

Meeting with the State Agency on Intellectual Property

On November 8, AmCham had a meeting with AGEPI. This meeting continues the series of efforts directed at improving the law on copyright and related rights (i.e. Law no. 139). In particular, debates concerned the amount of compensatory remuneration collected from entrepreneurs.

Presentation of Study on Informal Payments

AmCham attended the presentation of a study on informal payments for labor, delivered by the PwC Moldova team, with the support of the United Kingdom Good Governance project. This comprehensive study will be soon available in public access.

Meeting regarding the Draft Law on Personal Data Protection

On November 10, AmCham participated at a meeting on personal data protection regime and expressed concerns regarding the draft law promoted by authorities. In particular, attention is called to the new rules on use and evidence of goods that might be potentially employed for breach of privacy, as well as the increased fine for infringements of personal data protection rights amounting to 5 million MDL, under the draft law.

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