Prime Minister's Economic Council Activity Updates

  • 28.11.2016

- Labor Legislation under Review. The Prime Minister has requested the creation of a new Working Group with participation of the Ministry of Labor, Ministry of Economy, business associations, Labor Unions and other relevant stakeholders.

The mission of the Working Group is to collectively elaborate amendments to the Labor Code aimed at ensuring a modern regulation of employment relationships, as well as establishing a better balance between the parties.

AmCham will use this opportunity to continue its long lasting effort of improving labor legislation for the benefit of business community. Elena Buzu has actively collected proposals from AmCham members to be submitted for the review and debates within the WG. On Friday, November 25, the second meeting of the WG was held.

Should you have any additional ideas on this matter, we are always open to it.

Discussions on legislation on personal data protection. Last week, within Economic Council have continued discussions on legislation on personal data protection. AmCham has insisted on withdrawal of the draft law from the Parliament, as the new draft law contains disproportionate and abusive provisions that will affect considerably the entrepreneurs.

Legislation on Security and Health Safety. The ad-hoc Working Group within Economic Council, aiming at reviewing the list of compulsory documents solicited by Labor Inspection, continued its activity on the platform of the Ministry of Labor. The documents reviewing process referred to Security and Health Safety.

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