Prime Minister's Economic Council Activity Updates

  • 28.10.2016

AmCham got actively involved in several important issues:

- Law on personal data protection. This week AmCham got involved in the discussions on legislation on personal data protection organized by the Secretariat of Economic Council with participation of main stakeholders, including National Center for Personal Data Protection. Sergiu Chirica and several member companies participated in the meeting on behalf of AmCham. Sergiu has raised major concerns related to Draft amendments to the Law recently approved by the Government, mainly referring to huge penalties for law non-observance (AmCham position paper can be found here). Discussions within the working group will continue.

- Improving the legislation on migration. On October 26, a new round of public discussions on amendments to migration regulations took place. Proposals for revision of legislation were advanced, in particular, with regard to the Law on labor migration and the Law on the status of foreigners in the Republic of Moldova. AmCham suggested optimizing the documentary burden imposed on the applicants for living and work permits in Moldova.

- Legislation on Security and Health Safety. This week, the ad-hoc Working Group within Economic Council aiming at reviewing the list of compulsory documents solicited by Labor Inspection continued its activity on the platform of the Ministry of Labor. The documents reviewing process referred to Security and Health Safety. The opinion of business community is very important for this exercise. In this respect, AmCham Moldova will collect the amendments to the existing legislation and submit an aggregated document.

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