AmCham Representatives Met with the Minister of Finance to Discuss Tax Policy for 2015

  • 08.08.2014

On August 5, 2014, AmCham members met with Mr. Arapu, the Minister of Finance, to discuss changes to the Tax and Customs Policy for 2015.

The following topics headed the meeting agenda.

• Electronic register on VAT invoices: The obligation to register all VAT invoices (not just the ones exceeding the amount of 100,000 MDL) in the General Electronic Register.
• Establishing residue, waste and perishability norms: The norms should be established by the specialized authorities before the end of the year 2014.
• Limitation of tax deductions for car maintenance and fuel expenses, used by managers, until up to 1 car per legal entities: The Ministry of Finance intends to limit the deductions (for income tax and VAT) just for one car per legal entity whose expenditures incurred for the maintenance, operation and repair of vehicles used by personnel holding leading positions.
• Computerized Accounting Technology Certification: The Ministry of Finance intends to certify all the programs and software used by the tax payer for accounting purposes.

Furthermore, the following amendments were also debated: Peculiarities of VAT administration, taxation of charitable and sponsorship activities, taxation of the day-workers, taxation of the allowances for dismissal, taxation of outdoor publicity, cigarette excises.

For additional information, please contact Sergiu Chirica, Project Manager for Regulatory Affairs, at 211 -781 or

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